5 Best Berlin Ghost Walking Tours

Our Berlin Ghost Tour will uncover a side to Germany that is loaded up with enchant but then obscure to a considerable lot of its guests. We are sitting tight for you, somebody who loves harrowing tales, baffling legends and the most offensive stories. Our gathering point is the Reichstag building, the spot that conceals the fascinating instance of the Magician with the Green Gloves who passed by the name of Jan Eric Hansen; referred to likewise as Hitler’s mentalist who committed each night to reconnaissance in the Potsdam Platz region. Unsettled cases, unexplainable occasions and legends are all important for the visit, similar to the notable story including the cloister where the priest resided who killed young men and frequented places during the Middle Ages.

1) The Haunted Berlin Ghost Walk.

This 1.5-mile Ghost Walk of historic Berlin, Maryland will include enchanting places like the Atlantic Hotel where a little girl is still interacting with people in one of the guest rooms.  The Atlantic hotel has five ghost stories associated with it and still continues to have ghostly activity. Berlin has many haunted sites including the Old Fish Shop, the Store of Crazy Characters, the former Odd Fellows Hall, the Maryland Wine Bar, the Pitts House and St. Paul’s Graveyard.

2) Private city tour through criminal Berlin.

This tour takes you into old Berlin with its gangsters, crooks and gallows birds, who felt particularly comfortable in the winding alleys around Alexander plats. Eerie stories, humorously told and historical subtleties from the criminal milieu will bring you closer to Berlin in a new, amusing way.

3) Berlin: Haunted Guided Live Theatre Tour in German.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the dark secrets of Berlin? Then dare to take a scary and mystical city tour! This tour takes you back in time, shows you places away from the normal tourist attractions, and reveals some dark realities. Find out which murderer has processed people into canned meat here, why death is supposed to be around and where an uncanny curse emanates from mummies – right in the middle of Berlin.

4) Berlin: The Dark Side of The Capital Tour.

Discover a different side to the city with this creepy and scary tour. If you think of Berlin at night, its turbulent nightlife, glittering variety shows and brightly lit streets might come to mind. But where there is a lot of light, there is also a lot of shadow. If you want to see behind the city’s evening bustle, this creepy tour can help you bump into Berlin’s shady figures. 

5) Mystical Berlin Tour.

What do you think of when you think of Berlin? Berlin is a city of many faces. Perhaps you think of the modern metropolis, where you can meet people from all over the world, perhaps you think of the intricate history of this city through the centuries since its creation, or perhaps you simply think of long nights spent dancing and socializing in bars.

Visit https://www.tripindicator.com/berlin-top-ghost-vampire-tours/1/488/Y/4/118 for information about Ghost Walking Tours.

Also visit https://wikitravel.org/en/berlin for more travel information about Berlin. 


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